Operational Intelligence for the "New Normal"

Protect Your Business and Your Operations

Mitigate the Risks Associated With Re-Opening

Accelerate Your Operations in the New Normal

The government officials have provided all the support they can during the height of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are following their leadership and guidance for re-opening our economy, in a “new way” so that we can eliminate a second wave – together.

We all understand that there will be a new way of doing business. We will need to eliminate unnecessary non-essential contact between individuals and the crowding of spaces. This change will bring a new culture to every organization. People come first, for this reason, companies will encourage and educate their employees to live with this new normal so that we can protect them. Here is what we have to contribute to this effort:

1) The new PROXIMITY service as a part of the ASSET-Rx platform.

Find out more about the ASSET-Rx and PROXIMITY Service.

2) HOSTED R&D services as a part of our engineering innovation activities.

Find out more about the HOSTED R&D Services.

There are guidance materials being published by our national leaders, who are thought and science leaders of the world. We always want to defer what is right and what is not to those individuals. Any idea, suggestion, remark or material presented here is derived from these guidance reports and the real source to be followed are these guidance material by CDC and OSHA.

You can access the current CDC – OSHA guidance for manufacturing operations HERE