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CRATUS provides product development and consulting services to clients and partners. We believe in the success of our customers, clients, service providers, vendors and ecosystem partners. Their success means our success.

CRATUS leverages in-house expertise as services to clients by developing products in IoT applications for a broad spectrum of markets: Applications in consumer electronics, wearables, medical, sporting equipment, wellness, civil infrastructure, agriculture and commerce infrastructure are some of the products which we have developed or supported for our clients to bring their concepts to market. CRATUS is a sensor-centric product development company.

We develop sensors and sensing systems, electronic hardware, connectivity solutions, firmware, software, mechanical assemblies and enclosures, mobile applications, user interfaces and server tools for our clients: IoT is Here!… If you have an existing product and you would like to have the next generation, smarter and connected to the IoT world, we can IoTify your product!…

Industrial IoT Development System

Consists of BlueBrain™ and the Industrial Sensor Interface Board

Industrial Internet-of-Things solutions can help minimize factory inefficiencies beyond improvements within manufacturing processes.  The Internet of Things makes factory automation more efficient in many unique ways.

  • Minimized Loss of Useful Data – The ability of users to manage and analyze data is hampered by the use of proprietary systems and networks. A secure IoT based cloud solution allows users to access and aggregate information from the entire production line and supply chain, leading to improved decision making and process optimization.
  • Integrated Processes – Islands of automation are prevalent today where production lines have good single process data collection, communication, and control but lack a fully integrated approach for the production line and supply chain.  IoT can provide the connectivity, communications, and data management necessary to create a fully optimized system with real time data analytics and decision making capability

CRATUS Technology  provides IoT solutions for Factory Automation and Industrial Control applications.  In order to help our customers bring their products to market faster and at lower cost, we are offering the Industrial IoT Development System.


Sensor Fusion & Telemetry Platform

BlueBrain(TM) is a complete sensor data acquisition and collection (telemetry) subsystem for end product development or OEM applications. The BlueBrain helps deploy products with a fast and easy development cycle. The subsystem attaches to a standard 32-Pin 1.6” X 0.7” EEPROM style IC socket or equivalent footprint on any mezzanine board. BlueBrain features two microcontrollers: A dedicated Cortex-M0 microcontroller for wireless communications and a high performance Cortex-M4 main controller. This architecture allows extremely low power operation when the main controller is not in operation and a high performance operation with simultaneous data communication as the dedicated Cortex-M0 microcontroller handles the wireless communications. BlueBrain is architected for scaling the application code efficiently, without needing to reprogram devices through wired interfaces. The over-the-air firmware update capability allows for updating the firmware application which runs on the main controller from the convenience of a mobile application through the Bluetooth Low Energy Interface powered by Fujitsu Components. BlueBrain makes data presentation to the user extremely easy. Dedicated mobile application is available to monitor data, configure the device and  access to the stored information. The subsystem can connect or control hundreds of sensor combinations and is ideal for developing products for sensing and control applications, running simple or complicated algorithms. The subsystem is offered with optional RTX operating system to develop multi-tasking applications a breeze. The BlueBrain is offered with a development board which is complete with all the development connector sockets for clean and easy system development.

Cratus Test Systems

Testing for the IoT World

Electrical and electromechanical testing is critical, however it is often delayed and then addressed at the latter stages of the development process. Proper testing of the product during manufacturing saves cost, efficiency and time. Some of the most beneficial outcomes of a properly designed test strategy is early understanding of potential field failures, elimination of shipment of faulty units, and minimized returned goods to the manufacturer. Depending on the product being manufactured, multiple test steps might be necessary even for a simple product.

The high growth rates in the Internet of Things (IoT) market subsegments are rapidly transforming perception of users and product developers. In a world where anything seems possible, any function seems achievable and any product feels like it can be developed overnight. The line between successful products and failures is getting thinner. Those companies that develop for manufacturability and testability are definitely winning in the short and the long term. They remain competitive through the virtue of early understanding of failures, failure modes and manufacturing shifts which can happen in any production line. This is especially true for low cost and high volume IoT products.

The overview document describes the Cratus Test Platform and Test Capabilities. The company offers design, development, and delivery of full production turn-key test systems tailored to your product test requirements.