Automation of Workflow Analytics

The ASSET-Rx Workflow Analytics module automates the workflow analytics of your organization by monitoring real-time data from sensors on assets and personnel delivering an environment with easy scalability and complete integratability with an existing ERP platform to maximize visibility of the workflow thereby increasing productivity and efficiency of the organization. The system measures and analyzes critical metrics of stationary assets, moving assets, and personnel both inside and outside the facility to provide highly accurate date with maximum coverage.

Real-time location data from Wireless Nodes through Gateways: The system relies on the gateways which are installed in the facility and the wireless nodes. The gateway locations are ingested into the system as a part of the map of the covered area after field studies for enhanced performance. The gateways facilitate provisioning and management of the wireless nodes from a central location. Optionally, ASSET-Rx™  mobile application can be used for easier field installations.

Environmental and Condition Data: The cloud-based architecture enables the user to have access to the real-time environmental data of the nodes in addition to the locations presented by the wireless nodes. The reported environmental data enhances the safety of the workplace as well as the quality of handling of the assets. The environmental data from each wireless node can be independently selected to include any combination of temperature, humidity, ambient light, pressure, motion, shock making the system an extremely flexible monitoring system. Customized data combinations are available in various form factors.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Coverage: The wireless nodes can be used exclusively for indoor locations or they can interoperate as a part of a shipping operation, providing global coverage.

Historical Data: Recording personnel, inventory, and portable asset locations provide useful information to improve the productivity and efficiency in the workplace. The Asset-Rx system identifies location and time activities and keeps a record of this information for field workflow analysis and optimization. Various analytics views can be made available on request on ASSET-Rx dashboard.

Heatmap View Generator:  The data from ASSET-Rx system can be used to generate various views of the factory floor, assets, inventory, and personnel locations. Heatmap views are used to eliminate congestion, enable efficient use of the facility and avoid accidents.

Accuracy: The location accuracy depends on the number of gateways and the uniformity of the conditions in the facility. With appropriate system installation, the location accuracy can be as small as a few meters to a meter.

Wireless Nodes: A variety of functions and form factors are available as wireless nodes. The familiar form factors are the access badge, the badge holder and keychain as shown below. Some of the models can also be provisioned as RFID-NFC access badges for access control. Most models operate with a primary coin cell battery and feature 2-year typical battery life.