About Us

CRATUS is an Internet of Things (IoT) Technology company with software and hardware solutions, serving local, national and global companies and customers. Since 2013, we have developed dozens of end to end solutions addressing a wide variety of applications.

We create new ways of generating revenue, reduce operational risk and minimize loss for our customers as Silicon Valley’s premier provider of solutions for Supply Chain, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Infrastructure Operational Intelligence by Cloud, Edge, Beyond the Edge and in-sensor data processing

Zeki Gunay

Zeki leads CRATUS Technology, Inc. CRATUS develops software solutions for the connected world, with a mission to accelerate the delivery of business value created by digital transformation in enterprise applications and a vision to addresses ever-growing data consumption trends by creating never-before-possible connections and information exchange between business applications and the physical world using algorithms running on custom or standard hardware, from sensors to servers.

Jordan Cooper

Jordan is the VP of Sales and Marketing at CRATUS. Before joining CRATUS he worked to improve patient outcomes, patient safety, and quality of care at Johns Hopkins Medicine, Kaiser Permanente, and the DC Department of Health Care Finance.

Cliff Click

Cliff builds high quality, high productivity engineering teams. He writes 30,000 lines of code annually, on operating systems, optimizing compilers, novel GC algorithms, clustered computing, distributed-computation language implementations; lock-free algorithms. He holds 20+ patents and has written a dozen peer reviewed papers. He is also a notable keynote speaker at major technical conferences across the globe.

Brian MacLeod

Brian leads deep marketing, product management and business development initiatives. Recent experience in IOT (sensors, mobile apps, edge gateways, cloud / SaaS / XaaS, web APIs), GPS, RFID, wireless, WiFI, network communications, embedded systems, marketing automation (CRM, email, web, Salesforce), sales enablement, events and content creation (all channels). He has participated in 7 start-ups, 40+ product launches in multiple roles from development through strategic planning to “go to market” strategist.