Data Acquisition Platforms for Developers

BlueBrain® Edge Processing Unit

BlueBrain® is a complete wireless sensor data acquisition and collection (telemetry) unit for prototyping, end product development or custom OEM applications.

BlueBrain® Development Board

BlueBrain® Development Board enables Wireless Industrial Internet-of-Things solutions. The development hardware makes interfacing of BlueBrain® to embedded systems extremely easy with a clean set up.

FOXY Industrial I/O Interface

FOXY connects BlueBrain® to external industrial systems. The collected data from wired interfaces and diverse set of on-board sensors is transmitted to wireless gateways.


The BlueBrain®; IoT, edge processing platform is a complete sensor data acquisition and collection (telemetry) subsystem for end product development or OEM applications. You can deploy products and proofs-of-concept fast with BlueBrain® IoT.  

Key features

  • Over the air (OTA) firmware updates
  • Bluetooth Low Energy communications (powered by Fujitsu Components)
  • Dual processor architecture (CORTEX-M4 CORTEX-M0)
  • Extremely low power operation
  • Embedded sensors (3-Axis Accelerometer, Temperature)
  • GPIO ports for customization
  • Control hundreds of sensor combinations
  • Mobile application (Android, iOS)
  • Development board support (see below)
  • Optional real-time operating system

The IoT subsystem attaches to a standard 32-Pin 1.6” X 0.7” EEPROM style IC socket or equivalent footprint on any mezzanine board. The dual CORTEX processor architecture has extremely low power operation when the main controller is not in operation, and high performance operation with simultaneous wireless data communication when both processors are operating.

BlueBrain® IoT subsystem can connect or control hundreds of sensor combinations and is ideal for developing products for sensing and control applications.  The dual processor architecture can run simple or complicated algorithms and is architected for scaling the application code without needing to reprogram devices through wired interfaces.

Industrial IoT Development System

Industrial Internet-of-Things solutions can help minimize factory inefficiencies beyond improvements within manufacturing processes.  The Internet of Things makes factory automation more efficient in many unique ways.

  • Minimized Loss of Useful Data – The ability of users to manage and analyze data is hampered by the use of proprietary systems and networks. A secure IoT based cloud solution allows users to access and aggregate information from the entire production line and supply chain, leading to improved decision making and process optimization.
  • Integrated Processes – Islands of automation are prevalent today where production lines have good single process data collection, communication, and control but lack a fully integrated approach for the production line and supply chain.  IoT can provide the connectivity, communications, and data management necessary to create a fully optimized system with real time data analytics and decision making capability

CRATUS Technology  provides IoT solutions for Factory Automation and Industrial Control applications.  In order to help our customers bring their products to market faster and at lower cost, we are offering the Industrial IoT Development System.


FOXY is a development and demonstration board for the BlueBrain® IoT platform. It augments built in capabilities of the BlueBrain® module by offering range of addition sensors and interfaces. Besides BlueBrain’s 9-axis motion and temperature FOXY offers pressure, humidity, temperature and VOCs as well as ambient light level sensing. Connection to existing systems is offered through industry acceptable interfaces such as CAN BUS, RS232, RS422 and RS485 as well as a number of GPIOs. User provided sensors can be connected to serial buses such as I2C and SPI.

The provided firmware and application framework allows the user to access the data provided by the on-board senses and interfaces. BlueBrain® on-board CortexM4 offers plenty of compute power as well as storage space for even the most complex algorithms and data sets. The firmware framework includes support for RTOS.

Key Features

  • Over the Air firmware updates
  • Mobile Application (Android, iOS)
  • Fine power control
  • Dedicated application processor (CortexM4)
  • Dedicated BlueTooth link processor (CortexM0)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Communication
  • Industrial and automotive interfaces – CAN BUS, RS232, RS422 and RS485
  • Buses: Fast mode I2C , SPI and GPIOs
  • Powered through USB or stand alone 5V
  • On-Board 128 Mbit Flash for data storage
  • On-board 16 Kbit EEPROM for secure applications and traceability
  • Battery backed RTC