Physical Distancing & Contact Tracing

From The IoT Technology Company of Silicon Valley

Alert team members if they are too close to educate them. Analyze historical person-to-person interactions by date, duration and distance, use as a reliable contact tracing tool to protect your team. Access location data of possible contamination events to reduce risk of closures.

Wristbands alert the users when they are too close. They store the contact time, distance, and duration. They can even be used to track the locations after contact events. The wristband is the most popular form factor, however, three other form factors are available to reduce risk in your operations as efficiently as possible.

Helps Educate Your Team

People come first, we provide the most efficient tool for employee education. After all, we all need to learn how to work together while keeping a distance. The wristbands deliver subtle reminders to team members if they get too close to each other.

Helps Prevent Further Exposure

Look up the contact history by date, time, duration, and average distance in the browser dashboard, isolate confirmed or suspected cases. Creates opportunities to retrain team members to keep a safe distance.

Helps Eliminate Shut Downs

Access the location history of those who have been in contact with any confirmed cases. Allows you to take precautions in the necessary areas.

Simple and Convenient

  • No infrastructure needed, wristbands are ready for out of the box deployment. Charge them, wear them.
  • No need for IT support or a technical guru. Plug and play operation.
  • No need for personal phones, no need for application downloads.
  • Dozens of customizable alerts to fit your organizational needs.
  • Easily integrates with leading ERP and HR packages.

Access CDC – OSHA guidance for manufacturing operations HERE

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