Managed IoT Platforms

Gain Access to Your Data

IoT Platform as a Service

  • Your system already is extracting the data but the presence of the data is becoming a liability rather than an asset.
  • You have many data sources but they remain fragmented and it feels impossible to bring them together,
  • Your ERP connectors and APIs are starting to look like a deadlock,
  • Managing local computing records remotely in a no-code environment feels like a scene from a sci-fi movie:

CRATUS provides a family of flexible platforms developed to fit the needs of companies planning on or navigating through Digital Transformation. Offered in Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) format. Use cases include predictive maintenance‚ fraud detection‚ sensor network health‚ supply chain optimization‚ energy management‚ track and trace, chain of custody, and customer engagement. In addition‚ we offer the appliances for hybrid cloud‚ on-premise‚ and edge-based AI and IIoT applications. Some of the interesting use cases are:

Analytics solutions: Operations to KPIs

If you have the data, we make it understandable. Today what matters the most is the time you invest (or waste) in assessing a given issue or quality of execution. Our data science experts can help to transform the streams of data into the KPIs that you care about.

COVID-19: Thermal Monitors for Symptom Detection

We provide connectivity for thermal cameras to our hosted IoT services for image storage, analytics, alerts and contact tracing purposes. We also provide analytics on contact tracing by connecting wristbands that monitor and record distance between users.

Inventory Management: Weight Sensors

In the warehouse, or in shipping and receiving departments, shelf-integrated weighing sensors provide real-time inventory, “materials received” and “products shipped” information to our managed IoT platform. The data can be transferred to ASSET-Rx platform for further integration into workflows. If you are a financial institution that provides inventory financing, an ideal solution for monitoring your funds at work during inspections.

Smart Cities: Environmental Sensors

If you are representing a city or a county, connect your environmental sensors that are monitoring the air quality, sound pollution, or water purity levels to our managed IoT platform to generate alarms, warnings, usage profiles, heat maps, and informative analytics that are needed to provide your residents with the healthiest environment possible.

Digital Health: Wearable Activity Sensors

Connect your activity sensors to extract analytics from a specific population or everyday users. We have connected wristbands that perform contact tracing for COVID-19, smart water bottles that monitor daily water intake levels, implantable devices that monitor medication adherence and response, and devices that monitor shocks absorbed on the head for concussion monitoring or prediction, .

Food & Beverage: Farm to Fork Data

We manage the incoming data from the high volume production items from the fields to the food processing line, from the transportation to the shelf. An ideal solution if you are looking for traceability or serialization solution or simply under whose custody deterioration took place. You can even set up your “Mystery Shopper” experience without hiring a single person, deployed over a local or national network of vendors. A great use case we offer is “Shipping Lane Characterization” services, quantifying how your materials are handled during transit.

Traceability: Chain of Custody

Does your supply chain involve multiple vendors, complicated routes? Do you have convoluted logistics modes or fragmented sets of identification technologies that trace the goods through the supply chain?

We combine and manage complicated data sources and transform the data into an organized information set that is future-proof. Added on top is the custody information for critical items, whether time, condition, handling quality, or the location is of the essence, we extract the timeline of what, where, when, how, and under whose custody. The responsible parties for handling your raw materials, shipments, and assets are recorded in your database, visible only by you. We even identify the inventory at risk so that you never run out of inventory, neither do you need to suffer from inventory going bad due to simple mistakes such as stock rotation.