CRATUS Monitoring Services

Tracking your shipment with highly integrated sensors

The ASSET-Rx™ System, a CRATUS asset monitoring solution, consists of a mobile application and a cloud interface. Data from LASSO™ sensors can be collected and stored on the cloud server. The information from the cloud platform can be viewed on the ASSET-Rx Dashboard or integrated to an existing ERP system. The ASSET-Rx System works with a wide range of cutting edge technologies and provides total blockchain security.

ASSET-Rx™ Mobile Application:  The ASSET-Rx Mobile Application interoperates with Barcodes, QR Codes, NFC Tags, Beacons and LASSO™ sensors. It retrieves real time or recorded data, and acts as a gateway to the ASSET-Rx Cloud Interface. Real-time data from the LASSO sensors and associated assets can be viewed on ASSET-Rx mobile and web applications. The mobile application also serves to configure the sensors and assets for specific applications and use cases.  

ASSET-Rx Mobile Application operates with:

  • Barcodes & QR Codes
  • Tamper evident or standard NFC tags
  • Beacons for indoor location services

ASSET-Rx™ Cloud Interface: The ASSET-Rx Cloud system retrieves and stores data. All historical data from all LASSO™ sensors as well as the assets can be accessed through the ASSET-Rx cloud interface in the form of graphs, CSV downloads or through the APIs which are available on request. Real-time data can also be monitored through the ASSET-Rx cloud interface.

The world as we sense it

ASSET-Rx system interoperates with a variety of sensors. We provide the sensors to the end customer, depending on the application and the use case. We put context into the data by sensing the physical world by these monitoring services:

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring for sensitive and perishable assets provides the user the complete visibility to the log of temperature profiles and critical metrics based on the nature of the product being monitored. User has access to the conditions under which time and temperature sensitive (TATS) materials such as pharmaceuticals, biological specimens, and prepreg materials are shipped and stored.

Impact Analytics

Impact analytics for fragile and valuable shipments such as high precision instruments, brittle materials, works of art, livestock or volatile chemicals such as biological samples need to be transported without being subjected to impact. But is this guaranteed during transport? CRATUS provides innovative impact monitoring system that provides complete information and the analytics of the impacts experienced during transit.

Shock Monitoring

Shock monitoring sensors and services identify the instantaneous mechanical shocks that can damage the products during shipment or warehousing activities. The shock information provided on timeline makes A/B testing possible between service providers such as logistics operators and warehouses.

Humidity Monitoring

Humidity monitoring during shipment or storage using CRATUS sensors help monitoring the potential adverse outcomes in the condition of assets especially but not limited to storage in high humidity environments.

Barometric Pressure Monitoring

Barometric pressure monitoring is vital when it comes to over the air and high altitude transport. Our Barometric Pressure Monitoring System would enable you to monitor performance of packaging especially air tight packaging.

Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality monitoring inside the packaging for food, pharmaceuticals and other medical products provides insights on packaging performance, spills and bursts.

Inclination and Orientation Monitoring

Shipments often are mishandled in terms of orientation the package is shipped or stored. Have you ever noticed the marking on the side of the package “This side up”? We often come across packages which are being shipped or stored with those arrows pointing to a direction which is not quite “UP”. Specifically important when shipping liquid nitrogen.

Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody monitoring of your assets and inventory during operations to present the stakeholders a single point of truth. He-said she-said is eliminated and insurance claims are processed quickly and fairly, which reduces risk in operations.

Tamper Detection

Valuables such as Pharmaceuticals or archeological artifacts can get replaced easily during transit. CRATUS tamper monitoring system can easily detect if the box was tampered during shipping.

We offer a complete solution

ASSET-Rx™  operates with industry standard barcodes or QR Codes which are present on every asset in transit or in inventory. Simply scan the barcode or QR code which is present on the asset.

ASSET-Rx™ also operates with tamper evident NFC tags. Using the tamper evidence function makes it easy to detect tamper of assets during transit. Tamper evidence is very important if you are shipping or receiving valuable or critical items, or managing inventory for controlled substances such as pharmaceuticals.