Automation of Workflow Analytics

for Visibility and Execution Agility

Gain visibility by creating a replica of your operations in the virtual world. ASSET-Rx™ platform provides Workflow Analytics for visibility, traceability, and reduction of risk. It functions an “API call to the physical world”, enables autonomous generation, ingestion, and digestion of information, using AI and providing predictive analytics.

  • Real-time reporting of assets and personnel locations, activity levels for safety and operational efficiency
  • Analytics to help understand inventory condition, flow, custody and handling quality
  • Increasing the safety of the workplace and productivity of the personnel
  • Reducing risk by identifying personnel, assets and inventory “at risk”

Enterprise Solutions in Manufacturing, Packaging, Warehousing, Supply Chain and Logistics, Repair and Maintenance, Facilities and Construction operations.

Solve the last yard problem using ASSET-Rx platform with integrated sensors. We enable companies to connect business and operational intelligence tools and software to the physical world, acquire the real-time position, condition, and custody information of inventory and assets. The real-time or historical location and condition of the assets which make up the workflow are accessible from the ASSET-Rx by a GUI or an API.

Maximize Data Accuracy by using platform-integrated sensors, tags, barcodes, and QR codes. “All in One” system eliminates the need for pen and paper recording or pushing spreadsheets. Eliminate reporting delays, errors and automate for consistency.

Gain Full Visibility over Inventory, Assets, and Operations by monitoring anything and everything. Analyze outcomes, record and streamline operations. Enjoy data real-time, react in no time, reduce risk.

Connect Everything and Everyone with a lightweight infrastructure. Even human and machine-readable displays come pre-integrated into ASSET-Rx.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Location information delivered second by second. Where? How? And Who? Answers available real-time.

Workplace Environmental Condition Information ensures the safety of the workplace and quality of handling of the assets. Access to temperature, humidity, gas, ambient light, pressure, sound, motion, shock, and extracted context information. Reduce risk and react to hazardous conditions for the well being of your team.

Facility Utilization & Access Analytics

Track facility utilization and occupancy second by second. Distribute the cost of ownership of assets such as buildings, common areas, warehouses, meeting rooms, by cost center, department, by employee.

  • Generate arrival and departure records of employees without having to physically check in to the system.
  • Monitor access to restricted areas by user access levels and generate customizable notifications.
  • Cover areas that require privacy where cameras cannot be installed.
  • Optimize and schedule janitorial services by utilization.
  • Monitor physical security coverage real-time.

Generate usage heatmaps of the factory floor, assets, inventory, and personnel locations. Heatmap views are used to eliminate congestion, enable efficient use of the facility and avoid accidents.

Integrate with ERP or use ASSET-Rx dashboard. Simple APIs for leading ERP packages enable your team to gain visibility using the tools they are most familiar with.

Wireless Gateways and Sensors with a variety of functions and form factors come integrated to ASSET-Rx. The familiar form factors are the access badge, the badge holder and keychain. Provision sensors as RFID-NFC access badges for access control, compatible with existing systems. Most models operate with a primary coin cell battery and feature 2-year typical battery life.

We provide low-cost, small, robust, battery operated sensors that provide location, temperature, and motion information in customized mobile, cloud, and PC dashboards. Typical installations can range from hundreds to thousands of these sensors, which are tracked to within a one meter radius with a one second resolution and they all operate 24/7. We additionally develop custom sensors on a per-contract basis.

We provide a number of “Gateways” (sometimes called “Anchors”) that tessellate a designated area, continuously upload the sensor data, and only require access to power and WiFi connectivity. This information can then be transmitted to customized mobile applications to associate sensors with client inventory (a pallet), assets (a forklift), and employees.

A common workflow is to have a Receiving Department attach a sensor to inventory, logically pairing a sensor with the inventory via the mobile app (by scanning the QR codes on sensors and Cratus barcodes on inventory) and the sensor remains attached to inventory until inventory leaves the facility, at which point Shipping removes the sensor and returns it back over to Receiving. Employees are tracked through employee badges equipped with a built in sensor.

We provide an on-premises or cloud server that integrates the data (converts sensor readings into e.g. location), a public API for pulling out the near-real-time (60sec delay) historical data, and a web browser interface for viewing the basic data on a map of the tracked area. We also provide the precise time that a specific widget is in a particular location (e.g. where is Widget #123?), assets (where is the forklift?), and people (who loaded Widget #123 onto that pallet?). We then provide analytics on this data (e.g. on average a Widget spends 30 minutes at Workstation 1 and is now on the loading dock), and finally we provide predictive machine learning models on the above on a custom services basis.