IOTCRATUS develops sensor centric products and systems with embedded algorithms for the connected world. CRATUS serves the Internet of Things (IoT) market with innovative applications.

CRATUS products, systems and sub-systems are customized for markets with requirements driven from the specific needs of each application. In house expertise supports clients by developing electromechanical connected products using state of the art technologies. CRATUS offers value to customers by engaging in development from concept to manufacturing support, which includes industrial design, electronic design, firmware and software development, server tools and mobile or web applications. CRATUS works with value add partners from semiconductor and component suppliers to contract manufacturers, from investment institutions to public relations companies to complement the services which are provided by the internal team. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley and serving high growth markets, CRATUS is positioned for growth as a connected sensors and systems company.


Decades of combined experience in technology, design and development experience, enable our team as a product development engine.  We believe in sensors and sensing technologies. A thoughtful combination of talent in electrical engineering, industrial and mechanical design, combined with cutting edge firmware and software development allows our company to provide sensing technologies and sensor based products to our customers and to the markets which we serve. We believe in efficient data delivery to servers for analytics and storage.


We believe in integration and simplicity with a vision to place sensors and sensing systems into all things, the Internet of Things (IoT). We develop products with this vision in mind, everyday. Creating a compelling user experience on mobile applications or web and cloud based server tools, engages the end user experience.


Our passion is to develop products – products that work. We apply state of the art technology to create solutions for emerging applications. Our products are the fruits of thinking different along with transformed reincarnations of existing things as the Internet of Things. We IoTify things.


Our vision is to take sensing systems to new frontiers. Our mission and passion is to co-create intelligent and connected sensing solutions for improving efficiency, productivity and reliability in the target applications and markets.