Real Time Location Services
“Know Where Inventory, Assets and People Are”

Real-time location data is the key element of what digital transformation brings to the table in any setting. Today’s visibility solutions help streamline operations by optimizing valuable resources such as assets and equipment, real estate, workforce, and inventory. CRATUS RTLS solutions make it easy to locate key assets, people, inventory. Beyond presenting raw location data, CRATUS extracts analytics and statistical information on your selected KPIs which matter to you and your operation the most.

“Plan The Relationships of Things”

CRATUS is the leading company in the industry utilizing proprietary AI engines that extract context through interactions between monitored classes. A simple example of context extraction is, locating people individually in the work environment provides us the information regarding who is where for what period of time on the company premises. Locating many people simultaneously and analyzing the periods of time over which these people are co-located in a space, would tell us the context, i.e. if they are on a break or in a meeting.

Chain of Custody

Track and trace the location, condition, handover status of entities, evidence materials, documents, and more – through the custody of multiple parties. Optionally create immutable records on blockchain to ensure integrity of electronic records with event recording to ensure compliance.

Execution | Intelligence | Connected.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Extension

Monitor assets, inventory, team, and their interactions.
Connect shop floor to top floor
Collect data to receive actionable information

Connect Shop Floor to the Top Floor, Globally

Seamless connectivity
Real-time connections
Autonomously acquires data
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry4.0 technologies

API Calls to the Physical World

The design
Real-time monitoring of operations for efficiency

TRACE-19: Your COVID-19 Response

TRACE-19 is integrated in your manufacturing execution system software, ASSET-Rx.
•Stay informed glancing over the real-time reports on the progress of operations, workflows, utilization, locations of inventory, assets, and workforce
•Monitor real-time activity levels and operational efficiency
•Gain deeper visibility into inventory condition, flow, and custody

Solve the last yard problem in connecting automation layers to the physical world

ASSET-Rx connects physical entities to digital identities such as Barcodes, NFC tags, and sensors. Through these connections, it provides business intelligence and operational intelligence from the physical world by acquiring the real-time location, condition, context, activity, and custody information of inventory, assets, and workforce to your digital world through the easy to use ASSET-Rx browser interface or through APIs to your existing intelligence platform.

Maximize Information Accuracy.

ASSET-Rx integrates scanners, tablets, sensors, tags, barcodes, and QR codes. “All in One” system eliminates the need for pen and paper recording or pushing spreadsheets. Eliminate reporting delays, errors. ASSET-Rx automates for consistency.

Asset Management Companies

If your success depends on managing and monitoring your assets in real-time, such as in a rental or leasing business, or if you are responsible for the availability and planning of asset usage in a plant, we suggest getting in touch with us to make your life easy and your operations efficient.

Here is what ASSET-Rx offers:
•Find assets on-demand or trace over time
•Easily schedule asset maintenance
•Monitor usage and improve utilization
•Automate fleet management, track, and trace vehicle activity
•Autonomously manage and plan asset utilization using inventory and team data
•Reduce equipment, asset or inventory loss
•Implement higher team safety measures such as lone-worker risk mitigation, or emergency response planning and execution with real-time location, condition, and proximity information.
•Address regulatory or internal process compliance
• Eliminate manual assembly processes
• Automate status information transfers
• Get instant reporting plus customized dashboard views of operational KPIs Distribution

Manufacturing Operations

ASSET-Rx monitors and connects staff, equipment, inventory, and any physical entity to business intelligence using identification and sensing technologies. Extracting insights from interactions between the connected entities, it exponentially increases the visibility over global operations.

Traditional asset management solutions for the manufacturing industry efficiently track production activity, trace parts history, and apply their location and status to numerous other applications. ASSET-Rx automates processes that trigger or that are triggered by shipping or receiving materials. ASSET-Rx provides businesses with a single point of truth, and an accurate view of their manufacturing processes and warehouse operations, thereby enabling optimization of production capacity throughout the manufacturing process, from raw materials through final product.

The operational location intelligence adds value throughout the manufacturing supply chain by tracking tools and fixtures on the shop floor, by monitoring to assembly and quality assurance processes, and by providing real-time data for materials tracking into and out from the manufacturing facility.

Composites & Industrial Chemicals

ASSET-Rx is the prescription for eliminating Out-Time related damage in handling of composites and other industrial checmicals. Time and Temperature-Sensitive (TATS) materials such as pre-impregnated carbon fiber (prepreg), composites, and solvents will deteriorate and expire under extended temperature excursions. In the course of normal internal operations, transit, and storage prepreg materials spend time outside the cold room. This period of time is referred to as “Out-Time”. If not handled appropriately, the shelf life of these materials will shorten; the tack and drape properties of the prepreg material will suffer. ASSET-Rx monitors and records Out-Time for each prepreg roll or package and calculates its remaining shelf life. ASSET-Rx is second to none in TATS materials monitoring through the supply chain.

ASSET-Rx platform replaces paper tags and eliminates human errors by incorporating smart sensors to calculate Out-Time and the remaining shelf life of prepregs. Out-Time is calculated in real-time within our sensors. Both our sensors and our cloud platform generate user triggers and alerts if expected Out-Time is exceeded. Our streamlined solution eliminates manual interventions, ensuring that the system is operational right out of the box.

Wireless, autonomous sensors that are attached to ASSET-Rx provide solutions for dozens of scenarios that damage materials due to Out-Time, shock, and various environmental conditions. ASSET-Rx provides complete visibility for full and fractional prepreg rolls in-transit and in long term storage (i.e. cold stores). Prepreg serial numbers and custody information are tracked alongside a timeline for traceability, which can be accessed either through our ASSET-Rx dashboard or from your existing ERP or MOM software.

Smart Buildings & Workplaces

Workplace Environmental Condition Information ensures the safety of the workplace and quality of handling of the assets. Access to temperature, humidity,gas, ambient light, pressure, sound, motion, shock, and extracted context information. Reduce risk and react to hazardous conditions for the well being of your team.

Facility Utilization & Access Analytics

Track facility utilization and occupancy second by second. Distribute the cost of ownership of assets such as buildings, common areas, warehouses,meeting rooms, by cost center, department, by employee.

•Generate arrival and departure records of employees without having to physically check-in to the system.
•Monitor access to restricted areas by user access levels and generate customizable notifications.
•Provide surveillance coverage in the areas that require privacy where cameras cannot be installed.
•Optimize and schedule janitorial services by utilization.
•Monitor physical security coverage real-time.

Generate usage heatmaps of the factory floor, assets,inventory, and personnel locations. Heatmap views are used to eliminate congestion, enable efficient use of the facility and avoid accidents.

Logistics & Supply Chain

ASSET-Rx by CRATUS is an end-to-end monitoring software platform for companies with logistics and supply chain operations.

•In-storage and in-transit monitoring of inventory and assets
•Monitor team compliance with respect to regulations, such as mandatory rest and driving cycles
•Automate receiving/shipping processes and documentation
•Monitor and calculate the condition of materials and to generate spoilage predictions, remaining lifetime and estimate value erosion
•Chain of custody monitoring to accurately track shipments and identify the entities handling the materials – traceability
•Monitor, record and trace tamper, authorized or unauthorized access

Food & Beverage Industry

Food Safety

CRATUS’ ASSET-Rx platform makes it easy to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act by monitoring food shipments and making that data available in a central location.

Food Loss (Spoilage) and Waste Reduction

ASSET-Rx helps prevent losses due to negligence and mishandling while facilitating the interception of spoiled food before it makes it to the end customer. Our automated system minimizes manual labor, saving both time and money.

Serialization, Traceability, Automatic Reorder of F&B Items

ASSET-Rx is designed to interface with the packaging to reorder the food and beverage item and execute similar actions, increasing customer loyalty, reorder frequency, and revenues for the beverage manufacturers and distributors.

ASSET-Rx Deployment Components

User Interfaces
NFC Interactive Tags and Labels

Uniquely identifiable Near Field Communication (NFC) neck-tags and labels are placed on each bottle, replacing conventional neck-tags and labels. These digital touchpoints transform each beverage bottle into its own interactive marketing channel. Scanning the tag on the bottle with a mobile phone, displays custom messaging and graphics as well as the opportunity to reorder on users mobile phones.

Tamper Evident NFC Tags

The ASSET-Rx system seamlessly integrates with tamper evident NFC tags to indicate the beverage bottle has not been tampered with. This gives customers the assurance that their beverage has not been adulterated,Ultimately improving the end customer’s experience and increasing brand awareness.


Wireless Gateways with a variety of functions and form factors come integrated to ASSET-Rx.

Sensors & Beacons

The familiar form factor sensors are the access badges, badge holders and keychains. These sensors can be provisioned as RFID-NFC access badges for access control, compatible with existing systems. Most models operate with a primary coin cell battery and feature 2-year typical battery life.


Our small form factor handheld scanners offer a variety of new solutions to already existing or new use cases: Autonomous function assignments depending on the user or location, location awareness, personalization. These handheld scanners are completely untethered, operating with wireless connectivity, and are capable of scanning RFID-NFC, 1-D barcodes, 2-D barcodes, and QR codes. They can dynamically change their functions depending on the assigned user, the location that they are used in, and can be configured to make autonomous decisions when used with the services offered on our platform.


Deployed tablets double as gateways to communicate data extracted from physical operations and they provide an informative user interface to communicate to the team member working on the field. Our tablets not only function as HMIs but also are capable of scanning 1-D barcodes, 2-D barcodes, QR codes, NFC tags, fingerprint and sensor service data, and sensor process data. One of the most important features is the Kanban functionality on our tablets where the line personnel can have a 360-degree view of the operations around them, placing them in an operational owner position for the WIP. These functions make ASSET-Rx a platform that seamlessly connects the shop floor to the top floor in real-time.

Browser GUI

The most important aspect of the ASSET-Rx platform is the flexible command center browser interface. Please request a demo to take a scenic tour of our use cases by emailing us at: asset-rx (at)

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