insert (something) between layers in a crystal lattice, geological formation, or other structure (as in charging a battery):


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Ability is moving forward, with no one left behind. More range for less weight, Faster and more charging cycles, Affordable and sustainable

We are putting our heads together with the leading bicycle and micro mobility manufacturers to address safer, more comfortable ride with less strain and constant rider experience, for longer and faster rides

Diesel fumes, noise, vibration, spills and environmental impact, trips to the gas dock, scheduled maintenance headaches are all a part of the past. 

BMS, harness, motor and gear reducer, cooling system and software Integration. Monitor or control your sailboat through a mobile app using Bluetooth or remotely from NB-IoT / 4G / LTE while on dock.

With a hyper-focus on clean energy, we empower mankind to move towards a greener world. We have built general purpose battery systems several times over. Our shipped battery packs remain stable but our excitement is exploding, feels like we are just getting started in energy storage.

High performance home is a collection of technologies, alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal. Fossil fuel generator are being replaced by hydrogen based, battery buffered power sources. The battery is the key component in every application.