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CRATUS is a software and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company that provides a higher level of efficiency into operations, interactions, and workflows.  Using our IoT platforms, analytics engines, and expertise in operations, we deliver actionable information to reduce operational risk. CRATUS is Silicon Valley’s premier IoT provider for Operations, Supply Chain, Logistics, physical workflow management by enabling and utilizing state of the art sensing systems, communications, cloud connectivity, edge, and beyond the edge processing.

What we do best is monitoring staff, equipment, inventory, and other physical assets and connecting them to business applications using identification and sensing technologies. Beyond monitoring operational entities, we observe the interactions between them and extract context of any interaction. This wealth of information results in an exponentially growing number of use cases for visibility. CRATUS enables limitless opportunities for partners and users, by location, monitoring, condition and identification services and leveraging IoT technologies across applications and use cases. 

Zeki Gunay, CEO

Real Time Location Services (RTLS)

Real-time location data is the key element of what digital transformation brings to the table in any setting. Today’s visibility solutions help streamline operations by optimizing valuable resources such as assets and equipment, real estate, workforce, and inventory. CRATUS RTLS solutions make it easy to locate key assets, people, inventory. Beyond presenting raw location data, CRATUS extracts analytics and statistical information on your selected KPIs which matter to you and your operation the most.

Integrated Context Services (ICS)

CRATUS is the leading company in the industry utilizing proprietary AI engines that extract context through interactions between monitored classes. A simple example of context extraction is, locating people individually in the work environment provides us the information regarding who is where for what period of time on the company premises. Locating many people simultaneously and analyzing the periods of time over which these people are co-located in a space, would tell us the context, i.e. if they are on a break or in a meeting.

Chain of Custody Services (CoCaaS )

Track and trace the location, condition, handover status of entities, evidence materials, documents, and more – through the custody of multiple parties. Optionally create immutable records on blockchain to ensure integrity of electronic records with event recording to ensure compliance.