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Harvest data from the the physical world.
Deliver actionable information to the digital new world.
Minimize risk and achieve excellence in operations.

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IoT Technology HW and SW Development Services
ASSET-Rx™ Operational Intelligence Software
BlueBrain® Connected Sensor Interfaces
Intercal8™ Energy Management Products

IIoT for Operational Excellence Real-Time KPIs

Operational Intelligence for Execution

Manage your manufacturing, warehouse, and repair center operations for higher levels of profitability leveraging IIoT. We provide real-time actionable information on your inventory, assets and people. 

IoT Meets Energy Custom Battery Packs

Energy Storage for Challenging Applications

Custom battery management systems (BMS) and battery packs, meeting your energy storage needs. We not only develop battery packs, but also make battery monitoring and communications look really easy.


IIoT Meets The Factory

Development services for custom solutions such as connected sensors with embedded intelligence, integration of robot or cobot systems in your manufacturing lines.

Edge Processing for IoT
Deploy Massively, Manage Uniquely

Orchestrated Applications on Edge Devices

Solutions for monitoring and control of edge applications spanning across multiple locations, zones, functions, hardware types and users. Deploy edge applications massively, manage them uniquely.

Industrial Sensors, Battery Banks,
Smart Home Controls

Connecting The Physical World to The Digital

BlueBrain makes monitoring systems easy to deploy and operate. Implement a future proof hyper-connected monitoring or control system in no time, and within budget.

Where is, How is, Who has
My Asset?

Chain of Custody of Things

Location, condition, issues, receipt or shipment records of things that matter. Monitor the interactions between inventory, assets and people. We developed the Chain of Custody for operations, applied to contact tracing in TRACE-19.

Minimize Manufacturing Downtime

Asset Health and Utilization Monitoring

If your success depends on keeping the downtime to a minimum, keep track of maintenance schedules using ASSET-Rx. Replace reactive maintenance with scheduled, predictive and prescriptive maintenance practices. Digital transformation. Delivered.

Increase the value of your building:
LED Lighting Controls for Developers

Lighting Controls for Smart Buildings

Universal LED driver controllers (ULDCs) for luminaires and lighting fixtures make implementation easy. Use the wall units with striking looks to control lighting and climate. Make your buildings smarter, more comfortable to dwell in, while increasing their value.

Operational Analytics

Single Point of Truth Real Time and Historical

Eliminate errors caused by manual entries in operations. Capture accurate and consistent operational data using wireless and wired interfaces fraom machines, assets, people and inventory.

Tools for Battery Manufacturers

Hardware and Software Tools for Algorithm Development

Hardware and software tools for battery cell manufacturers help construct fuel gauging and health estimation algorithms. Help your customers estimate the remaining run time of their battery powered system.

Enhance Your Machine Vision
System Performance

Custom LED Systems for Scientific Lighting

The incident light delivery is as critical as the camera for machine vision systems. Our lighting design and controls synchronize with the industrial cameras for high speed operation, and helps increase the dynamic range of the cameras.

The Next KPIs to Watch in Operations

Power and Load Quality: The Leading Indicator to Profitability

Monitor the quality of the power drawn by your individual assets to gauge the health as well as predicting upcoming failures, identify issues before they become problems.

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