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Enable Safer, Smarter L2+
Assisted Driving

Lidar provides smart vehicles with high-resolution 3D vision that complements camera and radar, enhancing its perception capability to handle more complex road conditions such as dark environments or unknown objects on the highway. Hesai provides high-performance, automotive-grade lidar solutions designed for series production vehicles, ensuring safer and smarter L2+ assisted driving.

Automotive Grade

Hesai lidars are designed to meet automotive-grade standards. All key components meet AEC-Q and other relevant standards. Passed more than 50 design validation (DV) tests, conducted according to internationally recognized OEM standards such as electrical, mechanical, climatic, sealing, material, and EMC tests.



Auto-Grade Hybrid Solid-State LIDAR

Ultra-High Resolution

A genuine 128 channel lidar, evenly distributed to effectively detect cars and pedestrians up to 200 meters away.

200 meters of effective detection and ultra-wide unstitched FOV of 120°, & gathers over 1.53 Million Data points per second

All key components of the AT128 meet AEC-Q and other relevant standards

  • Interference Rejection
  • Functional Safety

Data Points Generated

1,536,000 points/s

Overall Resolution

1200 x 128


200 m@10%

Field of View

120° × 25.4°


0.1° (H) × 0.2° (V)

Power Consumption

18 W

Dimensions (W x D x H)

137 mm × 112 mm × 48 mm

Frame Rate

10Hz, 20Hz


Auto-Grade Full Solid-State
Near-Range Blind Spot LiDAR

Fully Solid-State E-Scanning

Small and Compact, All-Around Perception

100° x 75° ultra-wide FOV, zero blind spot, providing real-time perception of small objects, tall street signs, pavement markings and more.

Long and short range combination when paired with the AT128

Data Points Generated

192,000 pts/s (single return)

384,000 pts/s (dual return)

Overall Resolution

160 (H) x 120 (V)

Angular Resolution

0.625° (H) x 0.625° (V)

Field of View

100° (H) x 75° (V)


0.1 m ~ 100 m


5 cm (1σ)

Power Consumption

<12 W

Dimensions (W x D x H)

50.0 x 70.0 mm (Minimum Surface Window)

68.0 x 75.0 x 90.0 mm (W x H x D)

Frame Rate

Typ.10 Hz (5~60 Hz)

Ingress Protection



Image-Like Resolution,
High-Performance Lidar

The Pandar 128 collects and displays data point at high resolution

  • 0.1° horizontal resolution(@10 Hz)
Image-Like Point Cloud Performance
  • Data points up to 3,456,000 points/sec (single return)
  • Reflectivity accuracy within ±15%
  • Range accuracy up to ±2 cm

Data Points Generated

3,456,000 points/second (single return)

6,912,000 points/second (dual return)


0.1° Finest horizontal resolution (10 Hz)

0.125° Finest vertical resolution


200 m@10%

*100 klux, PD>70%, FAR<1e-5


±2 cm (1 to 200 m)

Operating Temperature

-40° ~ 85°C

Ingress Protection

IP6K9K & IP6K7

Functional Safety - Compliant to ISO 26262

Comprehensive functional reporting for all lasers

Cyber Security - Compliant to ISO 21434

Encryption to safeguard against data breaches


64-Channel Mechanical Lidar

The Pandar64 supports accurate, hardware-level synchronization of other sensors to the lidar in order to create a cohesive sensor network.

Like other HESAI Products, Interference rejection is one of the key features of the lidar in order to give the most accurate set of point cloud data.

  • 0.167° Minimum Vertical Resolution
    • Pandar64 captures richer details than Pandar40P, thanks to higher vertical resolution.
  • 200m @ 10% Reflectivity, Extended Measurement Range
  • 40° Vertical Field of View (-25° to +15°)


40-Channel Mechanical Lidar

  • 0.33° Minimum Vertical Resolution
  • 200m @ 10% Reflectivity, Extended Measurement Range
  • 40° Vertical Field of View (-25° to +15°)
Interference Rejection

Immune to interference from other lidars. Point cloud free from interference-induced noise points


40-Channel Mid-Range
Mechanical Lidar

Optimized Ranging and Resolution

Pandar40M offers a more economical choice that meets and exceeds expectations.

  • High-Channel-Count
    • Rich Data
  • PTP Supported
    • Simplifying Vehicle Cabling
  • Stable and Reliable
    • Stringent Performance and Reliability Tests


The Pandar 40M was designed for medium and low speed applications. Within the conditions it offers excellent perception solutions for applications in public transit, industrial vehicles, and logistics.


128-Channel Ultra-Wide View Short-Range
LidarAutomotive Grade, 105° Vertical FOV

The QT128 is an automotive-grade, 128 Channel, ultra-wide view short-range lidar.

It provides accurate reflectivity information to enhance object recognition, comprehensive blind spot coverage and more.

Data Points Generated

864,000 pts/s

Vertical Field of View

105.2° (-52.6° ~ +52.6°)

Horizontal Field of View


Horizontal Resolution

Finest at 0.4°@10 Hz

Vertical Resolution

Finest at 0.4°


20 m @10% reflectivity


±3 cm (1 to 200 m)


2 cm

Operating Temperature

-40°C ~ 85°C

Dimensions (Top / Bottom x Height)

Φ85.9 mm × Φ87.00 mm x H83.9 mm

Power Consumption

12 W


64-Channel Short-Range
Mechanical Lidar

High Channel Count and Optimized Resolution

64 channels of data with 1.45° minimum vertical resolution

  • 104.2° Ultra-Wide Vertical FOV (-52.1° to +52.1°, making an ideal blind spot solution)
Interference Rejection

Generates and identifies the fingerprint of every firing. Rejects noise and reduces false detection.

XT32 / XT16

32-Channel Mid-Range Mechanical Lidar
High Precision. Minimum Range of Zero.
Cost Efficient

Minimum Range of 0

The XT32 continuously outputs point cloud with valid detections even when objects are closer than 0.5m.

Higher Resolution, Further Range

The XT32 LiDAR has double the resolution and number of lasers compared to typical 16 channel lidars in the market. It can output from a 120m range

  • Range Detection up to 120m, POD>90% when detecting 10% reflectivity targets at 80m

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