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Real-time, efficient, accurate and simple

High precision

Weather resistance

Long distance

Large angle

Multi-platform support

Hybrid algorithm

Real-time preview of APP

Single laser head

New way of mobile

The GoSLAM RS100i-32 mobile scanner supports a variety of scanning modes and is suitable for a variety of application scenarios. GNSS module can be switched quickly, supporting scanning to obtain WGS84 and CGCS2000 coordinate system point cloud, using the second generation of mapping program, absolute accuracy of about 2cm.

Mixed solution, export and use

Multiple solutions ensure that the data is correct 

High protection, multi-platform 

Long distance, high frequency

Color status screen

New color status display, larger size, support more status
information display, as well as the use of instructions,
easier to use and easier to use.

Open system platform

GoSLAM RS100i-32 supports a variety of data transmission modes, including mobile solid state drive, USB flash drive, and wifi and Ethernet connection. The system has an open interface and can realize collaboration with third-party systems, which brings more possibilities for expanding application scenarios and application modes.

Strong performance

Equipped with rotating laser side head, 120m range, 640,000 points per second, relative accuracy of 1cm; It also supports various scanning modes and is equipped with GNSS module, which is fast and flexible and suitable for various application scenarios.

Hybrid solution technique

RS100i-32 product has a unique Hybrid solving technology of HSL (Hybrid solving), which can solve the data of the last station in the scanning process, and the high-precision data is faster and the efficiency is greatly improved.

Super weather resistance
and multi-platform support

RS100i-32 system has super weather resistance, can operate in -35-60℃ environment, inherited excellent platform compatibility, support backpack, UAV, vehicle, unmanned boat, robot dog and other platform scanning mode, meet your mobile measurement of a variety of imagination.

Color Module

True color point cloud attached color, synchronous generation of panoramic photos and videos, support panoramic linkage function.

Real-Time Preview Of
Mobile APP

Mobile apps replace traditional touch screens. Browse point cloud data in real time through APP during operation. It supports a variety of browsing interaction and more human-computer interaction content

Supporting post-processing software

Standard post-processing application process

GoSLAM Studio Flagship Version software is specially designed and developed for the GoSLAM series of mobile 3D scanners, integrating device application and point cloud processing. It is also compatible with third-party device point cloud processing.
The software has eight basic functions: one-click point cloud denoising, point cloud splicing, shadow rendering, coordinate transformation, automatic horizontal plane fitting, automatic point cloud data report generation, forward photography and point cloud encapsulation. GoSLAM adds one-click heap data generation to bulk metering to make it easier to access data.


Scanning distance:


Scanning speed:

0.64 million points/second


Point accuracy:

1cm (maximum)

Number of laser lines:



Number of laser heads:



Hybrid algorithm


Operation mode:

Physical button + Mobile APP


Working status:

LED status screen


Built-in SSD:

1TB expandable


Operating temperature:




1.35KG (handheld)


Laser level:

Level 1 eye safety

Product shell:

Aviation grade aluminum (high protection, high anti-interference)


Scanning localization:

SLAM technology (no GPS required)


Working time:

4 hours



Hand-held, backpack, UAV, vehicle-borne safety kits

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