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AI Applications At the Edge

Easily Deploy Feature-Rich, Fast Responding

Perception at the Edge

Multi-dimensional information by

Sensor Fusion & AI

Cameras, LIDAR, Radar, Thermal, 

Inertial (IMU), Encoders, Proximity, Light

Detect, Classify and Identify Objects

Translate the Physical World

into the Digital

Containerized Application Delivery and Deployment

Multi-Registry Multi-Server

For IoT & AI Data Pipelines At The Edge

Camera and Lidar Integration
For Machine Vision at the Edge

Overlay camera and LIDAR data, calibrate fields of view to yield collision avoidance information for navigation.

Easily Swap
Algorithms or AI/ML Models

Enable batch size 1 processing, make custom manufacturing a standart by enabling, run-time switching between algorithms and models.

Scalable Deployment

Deploy models and algorithms on one edge device, clone onto thousands of edge devices with a single click.

Deliver Information by
Task, Station, Facility or User Levels

Deliver, search, monitor your algorithms and AI model deployments, keep track of your deployment history.

Flexible Deployment
Cloud or Private Server Orchestrated

Manage deployments remotely from a single or multiple locations, scale as your needs require from a friendly browser interface.


Access and download models, algorithms, scripts or batch files from multiple registries and repositories.

Build Monitoring and Control
Data Processing Pipelines

Deploy your models as a single container or as a pipeline of multiple model containers. Bring flexibility to development and deployment.

Low-Code / No-Code Environment

Make it easy to prototype and test for the remote operators by a drag-and-drop interface that requires no code.


Push and store data securely at multiple servers. Databases or end points via websockets and APIs

Fast to deploy, easy to maintain

•Machine vision, image, and video processing
•Wired and wireless sensors and sensor data
•Predictive machine health and diagnostics
•Manufacturing test systems
•Smart buildings, smart cities and infrastructure •Facility energy monitoring and management
•Security, employee and facility safety
•Visual inspection and anomaly detection
•Portable or stationary robotics for manufacturing    •Obstacle detection, classification and identification for collision avoidance manufacturing •Real Time Location and Geofencing for navigation assistance.

If your success depends on the rapid deployment of machine vision, analytics, AI, sensor data collection, and IIoT applications uniquely crafted for each of your edge devices over a uniform platform, we suggest adopting ASSET-Rx EDGE. Cloud Orchestrated from ASSET-Rx EDGE SYNC, the platform transforms industrial computers into multi-registry, multi-server Edge Processing Units.


ARM and x86 Systems Covered

ASSET-Rx EDGE Operates on High-Performance multi-core, GPU-enabled ARM-based edge processing hardware, in addition to x86 systems. We offer software solutions deployable on your hardware. Alternatively, pre-installed off-the-shelf and ready-to-use systems are available on request.

Mix and Match Your Existing or New Hardware

Cameras and LIDARs

Your existing or new industrial computers

Sensors and data capture devices

Automation components, sensors or PLCs

Linux Edge devices with multiple IO channels

Scientific and specialized cameras

Thermal or IR spectrum imaging devices

LIDARs and point cloud generating devices

RS-485, RS-232, CAN Bus enabled peripherals

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