Engineering Innovation Services

We support customers by understanding their business as well as they do and providing technology solutions to exact needs for the use cases. We convert the needs into their core product offerings by leading weekly meetings with our design and technology experts. We wear many hats, but the most important is providing a clear line of communication between business-level operations and technology development being an integral part of our customers’ operations.

We provide engineering innovation and development services to electric vehicle, manufacturing, energy, medical equipment and infrastructure, civil infrastructure (construction, telecommunication, cities and municipalities or buildings), industrial automation and robotics industries

Hosted Laboratory and R&D Services

Distributed team working on hardware and software? Let us guide the way with one of the most unique business models out there today. We run your lab, remotely!… Send your hardware to us, just connect to our network and connect to your hardware in our lab space. We host multiple development setups to which you can remotely login and get to coding. The IoT hardware that we host becomes a truth data generator or a reference data generator.  All of your distributed team members can dial in and run their code and developments remotely on the hardware we host.

IoT Product Development

IoT is the enabler of countless opportunities to digitize and connect everything around you. We enable companies to create and perfect their systems and products that are seamlessly connected. Teaming up with our customers, we share the vision for the final product from the beginning to the end. We co-create starting from the initial idea on the back of a napkin, to the final expected performance, from the initial prototypes to the manufacturing line.

IoT is a mlti-disciplinary field that requires us to understand the customer product and their business equally as intimately as they do. We translate their vision into a product, thanks to the presence of the required engineering disciplines in our DNA, that is our team. 

Sensing Systems Development

Scientific Lighting

We are a leader in the research and development of advanced, innovative engineered lighting solutions for biological, horticultural and consumer LED lighting solutions.

We develop White and Spectrum-Specific LED Lighting modules for research chambers and other scientific purposes. We offer a range of high-quality LED configurations. Choose from our various white and RGB lighting configurations for consistent and reliable performance.


LEDs are an excellent replacement for a broad range of scientific applications that have traditionally used fluorescent lighting. White and spectrum-specific LED lighting is used where medium-intensity, low-heat lighting is required, including applications in laboratories studying plant and insect growth.


Minimal spectral degradation occurs as lamps age, making LEDs more reliable and uniform than fluorescent lamps, white and spectrum-specific LED lighting have excellent performance at low operating temperatures. Spectrum-specific LED lights can be used to control the impact of light quality and wavelength on plants and LEDs can easily be dimmed or brightened as required without losing performance, They can be designed with a close-knit bulb configuration for better light uniformity.

White and spectrum-specific LED lamps use up to 47% less energy than traditional bulbs. Typically deploys a heat-sinking method that draws waste heat away from the LED chips, allowing closer placement of plants. Less heat is rejected into the controlled environment, improving volumetric temperature uniformity

Truth Data for ML Models

Probably the single long pole in algorithm and model development for Machine Learning (ML) applications is data generation. If your success depends on the diversity, quality or breadth of your truth data sets for physical events, annotated data, or learning data sets, consider contacting us and we explore all the options together. CRATUS generated realistically constructed data sets from empirical or close to empirical data, that is parametrically or statistically generated. Especially when it comes to creating Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) systems, this is a must-have service from CRATUS.

Test Systems Development

The testing of the IoT product seems to be an afterthought. Work with us to generate testing strategies for your IoT systems, place design for testability earlier on in your schedule and create test systems, jigs or setups early on so that your product is a complete success

Industrial Design

CRATUS transforms your plans, concepts, and vision into 3D prototypes that provide you the real look and feel for the physical product. The materials, the user experience and usability of the product comes together in a well thought of prototype that reflects the final industrial design.

Mechanical Design

Taking into account the industrial design, electrical and environmental requirements and trade-offs, we engineer the structural details of your product, bringing solutions to electromechanical integration, environmental, usability and manufacturing challenges and deliver prototyped, piloted and manufacturable risk-free designs. We execute by working in tandem with the stakeholders from marketing and business to manufacturing and supply chain.

Mechanical Modeling and Simulation

Using state-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools and solid mechanical engineering judgment we optimize designs and their expected performance to unleash your product’s full potential.