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Benefits Of Maintenance And Process Tracking RTLS

Businesses are always probing for innovative ways to amend their operations and abbreviate costs. Recently, many businesses have turned to genuine-time location system (RTLS) solutions to avail them achieve these goals.

But what are the benefits of RTLS technologies in maintenance and process tracking? How can businesses ascertain they get the most out of them?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of process tracking RTLS and discuss how it’s solving some of the most mundane quandaries that businesses today experience.

What are process and maintenance tracking?

Process tracking is the process of monitoring a business process to ascertain that it is compliant with initial requisites and is moving towards the desired outcome. It involves procedures and tasks to control performance and keep the process on track. Process tracking is a consequential implement for quality assurance and process amelioration.

There are two types of process tracking: historical tracking and genuine-time tracking. Historical tracking is done after the process is consummate and is done via audit process tracking. The people responsible for the job conduct audits and verify the actions taken in the past, fixating on who took the decision, what action was taken, and when. On the other hand, authentic-time process tracking is often implemented with the avail of workflow tracking software. It shows the process live along with its updates.

There are many benefits of utilizing process tracking, but some key benefits include:

  • Viewing the current and upcoming procedures cognate to a process
  • Making changes to ascertain the intended results are accomplished
  • Optimizing the subsisting structure for higher performance and productivity
  • Tracking progress and identifying areas for amelioration
  • Abbreviating costs by streamlining processes


Ascertaining compliance with internal policies and external regulations. Maintenance tracking is the process of capturing, securing, and updating data about your maintenance operations. With it, you can optically discern what you have and what you require to do to keep everything running. For example, many organizations keep detailed asset lists and preventive maintenance schedules to ascertain business operations perpetuate to run smoothly and without delay.

Authentic-time location systems can avail you gain an authentic-time view of your process, so you can review it and make the indispensable adjustments. This can avail you optimize your process, amend performance, and preserve time and mazuma.

By utilizing these systems, companies can avail to ascertain that their workers are safe from forklift-cognate accidents.

Problems encountered in manufacturing facilities

Unplanned downtime

Several process tracking quandaries often occur in maintenance tracking. One of the most prevalent is when an unexpected breakdown occurs and informal, expeditious actions are taken to address the issue. This can often lead to extemporaneous downtime, as the process was not anticipated or orchestrated for congruously.

Time management is a prevalent quandary in process tracking, but it is especially consequential to prioritize maintenance tasks. Maintenance tasks are often time-sensitive and can have a paramount impact on engenderment if they are not consummated on time.

Some of the most prevalent quandaries that employees and pedestrians on the operation floor face regarding forklift safety issues are as follows.

Inaccuracy in manual entry

There are several prevalent quandaries associated with maintenance tracking, most of which stem from the fact that it is often done manually. This can lead to inaccuracies in data, which can then impact the efficiency of both employees and machines. Supplementally, manual processes are often time-consuming and labor-intensive, which can lead to frustration on the component of those responsible for carrying them out. Determinately, when human beings are involved in any process there is always the potential for error.

In additament, there may be several safety measures already installed in most forklift trucks, but the operators take them for granted and culminate up causing accidents resulting in substantial manufacturing losses.

Lack of productivity

One of the main challenges in supply chain management is how to increment productivity. Often, this denotes shifting from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance. However, sometimes proactive maintenance is not implemented due to management decisions. In these cases, the manager can show genuine-world scenarios of where preventive maintenance would have been benign.

Why use RTLS in process and maintenance tracking?

The process of tracking is the act of monitoring and recording the forms of kineticism of people or objects. With the avail of an authentic-time location system, you can utilize active or passive tags to receive the exact location data of a person or object. This information is then transmitted to a computer system which can be habituated to track the progress of people or assets throughout a facility.

If you are looking to amend your maintenance operations, RTLS technology is a key solution to consider. It offers many benefits that can have a positive impact on your business.

Time management

Process tracking RTLS can avail with time management by sanctioning you to visually perceive where your process is in genuine-time, and identify any potential bottlenecks. This can avail you make more efficient utilization of your time, and eschew wasting time on tasks that are not moving forward. In additament, an authentic-time locating system can additionally avail you identify which tasks are taking longer than expected so that you can take steps to address the issue. Ultimately, an RTLS system can avail you to amend the efficiency of your maintenance operations, and distribute better results.

Even if the forklift safety system is installed in a forklift, tracking it when it is switched off and the radios are withal down isn’t facile. Shipments get delayed and paying clients commence losing confide in your accommodations.

Automated monitoring

In additament, process tracking RTLS can additionally avail ameliorate process precision as it eliminates the desideratum for manual data ingress. Automated data capture and process mapping truncate the chances of human error and ascertain that process steps are carried out congruously.

More proactive maintenance

With process tracking RTLS in place, managers can optically discern potential issues afore they transpire and take steps to obviate them. This shift from reactive to proactive maintenance can preserve an abundance of time and mazuma in the long run.

Better decision making

With consummate overtness into your maintenance operations, you can make more apprised decisions about scheduling, resourcing, and process amendment. This data-driven approach leads to more efficient utilization of time and resources, optimizing your operations for maximum productivity.

Start process improvements

RTLS can withal avail track process times more accurately, so that managers can identify bottlenecks and optimize processes accordingly, thus leading to more expeditious turnaround times. In additament, process tracking RTLS can be a very benign implement in tracking the progress of maintenance tasks and obviating issues afore they arise. This ultimately leads to incremented productivity and efficiency.

By monitoring and adjusting the process as needed, process tracking can avail amend the overall performance of the process. This can lead to incremented customer gratification and amended business results.