Product Development Services

CRATUS provides product development and consulting services to clients and partners. We believe in the success of our customers, clients, service providers, vendors and ecosystem partners. Their success means our success.

CRATUS leverages in-house expertise as services to clients by developing products in IoT applications for a broad spectrum of markets: Applications in consumer electronics, wearables, medical, sporting equipment, wellness, civil infrastructure, agriculture and commerce infrastructure are some of the products which we have developed or supported for our clients to bring their concepts to market. CRATUS is a sensor-centric product development company.

We develop sensors and sensing systems, electronic hardware, connectivity solutions, firmware, software, mechanical assemblies and enclosures, mobile applications, user interfaces and server tools for our clients: IoT is Here!… If you have an existing product and you would like to have the next generation, smarter and connected to the IoT world, we can IoTify your product!…

CRATUS offers the following services

CRATUS offers industrial design services towards transforming concepts to usable, appealing and functional products. We work with our clients to decide on the final function and form of the product and aim for the optimal look, feel, function and usability for the products to be developed.
Whether a functional component or the enclosure of the product in hand, we engineer the mechanical aspects of every product for durability and manufacturability. The most important step in the development of IoT devices is how the electronics get coupled with the mechanical design of the end product. We start every development keeping in mind the form factor and how the electronics will interact with the physical world. We generate factor accurate prototypes for the envisioned end solution at the beginning of the development.
Electrical design and development as well as component selection for the products is what we do best. We work with the leading semiconductor manufacturers closely and use the best in class integrated circuit solutions for the lowest manufacturing cost and optimal performance for the given product. We also provide wire harness design, drawing, and documentation services. We have experience working closely with leading EV manufacturers in Silicon Valley to bring ideas to manufacturable engineering designs.
One of the most critical aspects of product development is testing and characterizing the system under development for repeatability of performance and manufacturability. We provide solutions for development testing and characterization. These solutions are custom created electromechanical platforms for development. In most cases these platforms can be used for manufacturing testing or testing for incoming materials during manufacturing, adding value throughout the lifetime of the product.
We start firmware and algorithm development as soon as the system components are identified. The embedded IoT systems and products which we create in most cases use a real time operating system, over the air firmware update capability and file systems for data storage where needed. We develop custom algorithms for the sensing challenges in hand and fuse the data from multiple sensors to create the expected outcome. We use techniques from architecting state machines to internally developed propriatery machine learning algorithms to create the end firmware application. We have extensive experience in ARM Cortex line of microcontrollers from all leading manufacturers..
Every IoT device without an exception caters to at least one purpose: Generating Data. We develop applications to present the data in the most efficient and user friendly fashion on the most appropriate platform. Whether accessing the data from a Web Interface, a Mobile Application or through the convenience of Augmented Reality headsets, CRATUS has a solution. We have developed counltless applications which run on the servers, PCs and mobile devices. From usage and location tracking to presenting data on Augmented Reality headsets, CRATUS develops data presentation tools catering to the needs of the target audience.
A successful product cycle includes manufacturing tools for reducing cost, improving yields and testing efficiently so that reverse logistics never becomes a problem. The most recent development which we have released to manufacturing for our client yields above 99%. Our client has not even thought about reverse logistics. In this case, we have developed manufacturing jigs, testing systems and software as well as systems to test the materials which are received by manufacturing to facilitate a reliable incoming quality control program to eliminate the build of systems with “out of specification” components.
We support our customers by working closely with the contract manufacturers. The contract manufacturers are chosen by our clients or as a collective effort. We have many options to offer out of all the contract manufacturers we have worked with. From simple assembly needs which can be performed by a small and efficient assembly house which specializes in low volume production, to contract manufacturing giants, we have the experience to offer manufacturing support.


A successful product means a useable product with form, function and performance hand in hand. We believe in creating highly usable products which are appealing and perform in their intended applications. We co-create and co-innovate with our clients, addressing the form and function needs of the product and the application.


CRATUS creates products with mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, firmware and software development teams working together towards delivering the highest value for the clients and partners. Using the state of the art tools and best practices for mechanical, electrical, firmware and software development, we create innovative and elegant products which are positioned for success in their respective markets.


CRATUS transforms ideas and concepts into reality by starting the development cycle with a focus on the use cases of the product. We believe that a product can only be successful if it addresses the intended solution without any exceptions. From the looks to the performance every detail matters.


The true value in any IoT product is the delivered content and data. We create the products which create the data and the value. Extracting the true value in the data using our sensing expertise and delivering what is required by state of the art communication technologies is our mission in product development for the IoT market.  We believe in correlated data generation. Any physical event we sense and any data we extract out of the event comes with the data to prove, to correlate, verify or confirm the data. Sensing a phenomenon is the starting point, however the data becomes valuable when the dependencies are well understood, quantified and correlated.


From the beginning of every project, we move forward with testing hardware and software components of the product and move towards the form factor accurate, manufacturable product, identifying all the important elements of the design before they become unexpected surprises in the development process.


With a combined experience of having developed hundreds of products for our clients in various markets, CRATUS Product Development Team focuses on creating value add products. While you work on your IoT business, we handle the business of IoT product development for you.


CRATUS offers industrial design, mechanical design, electronic design, PCB design, firmware development, software development, test and manufacturing equipment design and development, user interface design and mobile application development services. We are a white glove product development services provider. From concept to manufacturing and logistics, we stand by our customers, every step of the way. Our clients work with the technical team with a close engagement model and they influence the development in every step. We believe in maximizing the profits of our clients by optimizing the products which we develop for unit cost so that the business of selling or operating the product can be as competitive as possible.